Aeroworks Extra 300 ARF-QB .60-.90 Size Build

In the summer of 2012 I decided it was a good time to build myself a smaller 60 sized plane to replace the Kyosho 60 sized Cap 232 that had been my main plane for a decade but had met an untimely end a couple summers earlier. 

I decided on an Aerworks Extra 300.  I was going to power it with the same OS 91FSII 4 stroke engine that had powered the Cap 232.  Sort of symbolically giving the Extra the same heart the Cap 232 had.

 Everything about the plane except the engine is new though.  The graphics you see on the plane are from B&E Graphix the receiver is a new Spektrum, the servos are all high speed programmable Hitec digital HS-5625MG servos except for the throttle which is a Hitec HS-485HB.

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Overall I was pretty happy with the quality of the Aeroworks ARF.  I wasn't impressed with the fact that on top of the premium price tag already on the plane that they also wanted you to pay extra to buy the stock decal sheet separately.  That didn't matter much to me though since I wasn't planning on using them anyway. 

The instructions were clear and pretty easy to follow.  The elevator assembly was different than any other plane I have ever built though and was a bit difficult to assemble.  It is a one piece elevator connected through a hole in the fuselage in front of the rudder.  The instructions had you glue the rudder on before the elevator.   In retrospect I would have glued the rudder after the elevator.  That would have made assembly work a lot smoother.  I may have made the pull-pull rudder harder to assemble though.  I am not sure since that isn't how I did it.

One thing is not mistakable though.  With the OS91 4 stroke powering it this plane has more than enough power.  I don't fly 3D but this plane has enough power to do it if you wished.  I would probably choose a high RPM 2 stroke for 3D applications though.  This plane balanced beautifully with no added weight and it is a great flier and lands easily.  It's pretty light for a plane its size easily coming in at a pound and maybe two less than the old Cap 232 the engine used to power.

For reference here is a picture of the Kyosho 60 sized Cap 232 that the engine was originally in.  I built this plane the first year I learned to fly RC back in 2001.

Update March 2016:

After being out of the hobby mostly since the 2012 season due to moving from NY to SC I finally got the Extra back in the air again.  Since it last flew the engine has had it's bearing and gaskets changed and valve clearances reset.  It still needs some tuning but it's good to see her back in the air.  She flies as good as she ever did.  I can't say enough good things about this plane.  Aeroworks has a real winner here.

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