Hangar 9 Extra 27% with DA-50. First Flight Since 2012... Deadstick!

12 March 2016 - This is the first time this plane has actually flown since 2012.  It was having deadstick issues in 2012 as well.  Prior to that since it was first flown in 2008 it had always run like a top.  I cleaned the carburetor and replaced the clunk line in the tank and thought I had the problem solved.  Clearly I have not.  It seems to me that it is running lean on the high end and overheating.  The plane is repairable although the wheel pants are a loss as is the carbon fiber landing gear.  When she's flying though she is a Beaut!

Stay tuned to see the continuing saga of this plane and it's suddenly finicky engine.

Update - 18 March 2016 - Well after last weeks disappointment with the engine leaning out we reset the needles to the starting setting recommended by DA and decided to give it a go again yesterday evening.  SUCCESS!  

This was the first of three 10 minute flights.  The first two almost were at full throttle nearly the whole time.  I was purposely pushing it to see if it would lean out and overheat.  It is clearly running rich in this video and the prop is at a lower RPM overall due to a steeper pitch prop. I prefer the 22x8 on this plane but I used this since it's what I had on hand.  

After this first flight we leaned it out 1/8 of a turn on both needles and it still ran for the next two ten minute flights with no issues.  It's still a tad rich but I think I am going to run it as-is for a few more flights before leaning it out any more.


A keen eye will also note that the carbon fiber landing gear is gone since it was broke in the last "landing" (aka crash) and the aluminum gear is back on.  I still have to repair the wheel pants as well from the previous weekend.  Also note that the lower red strip on the left side of the aircraft is there at the beginning of the flight but not at the end.  We flew the stripe off the plane!

Update - 3 April 2016 - Well it took a while but I finally refurbished the wheel pants.  Also the lower red strip on the left side of the aircraft that mysteriously disappeared has been replaced.  Not a big deal since I already had the covering since the same thing happened to the right side a few years back.   The wheel pants did take some works but this:

Now looks like this:

Here she is after a successful flight with the newly refurbished wheel pants:



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