Possibly My Worst Takeoff Ever!


5 December 2016 - This flight was actually back in June.  The last day I flew before I had surgery on my shoulder.  I wasn't going to post this one, EVER, for obvious reasons.  It's not exactly my finest moment to say the least.  

The plane is a 60 size Aeroworks Yak 54 with an OS FS-95 four stroke in it.  

You can see from my earlier videos that I can actually fly this plane but I hadn't flown it in a bit and it didn't have any expo on any of the controls.  

In the time since I flew it I had added expo to the planes I was flying and got used to it.  To make matters worse somehow I flubbed and my elevator servo throws were set to 150% in the radio and I didn't notice I had done that.  End result... a very "interesting" takeoff. 


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