Returning to the RC Field in 2012

In the  summer of 2012 we did a full on push to try and get the older RC planes refurbished and back in the air as well as built two new ones and started a third for Matthew.  The first of the older planes that went back into the air were the old trainer plane and then the old Ultimate.

Trainer first startupMatt and the Ultimate 2012

Also this was Michael's fist time on the controls.  He started learning with the old trainer, a Hobbico SuperStar Select 40 and then later moved on to the Avistar we built new.  Of course he was on the buddy box but he flew pretty well.  He is actually on the controls flying in this picture:

Mikey on the Buddy Box


Miscellaneous RC Photographs

Here is a shot of Mikey with the new Avistar:

Mikey and the Avistar

We even refurbished the old Sukhoi seen here with Matt:

Matt and Sukhoi

Unfortunately we learned a hard lesson about old planes with old cheap covering.  On the first flight the red covering on the front of the wing had the clear backing separate from the color layer which was attached to the surface and stalled the wing.  We also worked a lot on the old 28% Ohio Extra 300 of Matt's  We got it running but it needed some new tubing for the smoke system we couldn't find locally as well as the fiber optic ignition cutoff installed so it never actually made it into the air.  Matt did do some thrust tests with it.  Don't try this at home with a plane this big folks.  it wasn't the wisest choice ever.  That's a 23" carbon fiber prop spinning at nearly 7000 RPM on a 6HP motor.  If he had slipped it would have been in trouble.

Matt Holding up Extra 300

Along the way I also built myself a new Aeroworks Extra 300 60 size to use the old 91 4 stroke motor I had in my old Cap 232 previously.  I must say this planes flies magnificently.  The vinyls are from B&E Graphix as are the ones on the larger 27% Hangar9 Extra 260 next to it in the image below.

Extra Extra

Aeroworks Extra 300 60 size

Hangar 9 27% Extra 260



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